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Welcome to TAAT Consulting.

TAAT Consulting is a banking and information technology consultancy company founded in 2016. We are dedicated to providing both technical and functional consulting and support services to financial institutions running the Temenos T24 core banking system and TAAT’s own WESE core banking system. TAAT Consulting is based in Harare, Zimbabwe with active clients in Zambia as well as Zimbabwe. We are also an official partner of the Mifos initiative.

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Our Services

Taat Consulting is one of the financial IT niche companies with a team that leverages technology to assist you in manifesting your ideas. Our core banking system services are focused on 3 areas;


  • Business Process Analysis & Requirement Gathering
  • Gap Analysis
  • Technology & Architecture
  • User Training


  • Parameterization
  • Interface Development
  • System Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Developing & Testing


  • Maintenance & Upgrade
  • Post Implementation Support



WESE Core Banking.

We provide our enterprise banking solution, WESE core banking system through: Gap analysis, implementation, customization and parameterization, user training, testing and debugging. WESE is a Shona word for ‘EVERYONE’.


Our vision is that every institution should take advantage of Technology to ensure EVERYONE in today’s society has access to banking services. Costs of traditional Core banking systems can be prohibitive for the others but we are here with a solution for you. WESE a Low cost core banking system supporting financial inclusion with a focus on micro finance institutions.

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We provide enterprise solutions for T24 core banking systems to banking institutions through;

- Scoping
- Gap analysis (Process mapping)
- Project management
- System development
- Interfaces
- Customization (Versions, Enquires, Reports, Security Management)

- Implementation
- Technical and functional training
- Reporting ( Operational and Financial)
- Systems audit
- Close of business (COB)
- System optimization

- Data migration
- Testing
- Change management
- Upgrades
- Other services
- Post Implementation Support


In today’s connected world, being closed is not an option.

The clientele has become smarter and more demanding. We open up your system to as many channels as you dare to imagine. In this regards TAAT offers you integration solutions to meet your every unique demand. With customised solutions – delivering convenience is now at your finger tips.

Mobile Banking

Digital financial services in your hand. A services that allow customers to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Internet Banking

Banking services where depositors can manage more aspects of their accounts over the Internet, rather than visiting a branch or using the telephone. Online banking typically is comprised of a secure connection to banking information through the depositor’s home.

Agency Banking

Providing limited scale banking and financial services to the under-served population through engaged agents under a valid agency agreement, rather than a teller/ cashier. It is the owner of an outlet who conducts banking transactions on behalf of a bank.


Platform to enable POS/ATM.Retail transactions like paying bills with it, it can also do cash withdrawals, funds transfer.

Payment Systems

System used to settle financial transactions through the transfer of monetary value, and includes the institutions, Instruments, people, rules, procedures, standards, and technologies that make such an exchange possible.

Credit Appraisal

Wese’s service makes it easy for lenders and banks to appraise the technical feasibility, economic viability, and bankability of prospective borrowers by generating reports from FCB.

Social Performance Management

We are always working towards a better tomorrow. We know that every person deserves the opportunity for financial security and inclusion in today’s society, so we strive to provide them with innovative solutions which will ensure their success long-term

Transaction Notifications

The platform offers the opportunity to monitor every transaction processed by your financial institution by sending notification statuses, which promotes transparency within organizations.

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